Dear Members, Dear Friends,

We would like to share with you the letter sent to our association last November by one of the members of the Board of Directors of the Vasarely Foundation. This sums up the state of mind in which the friendly relations between our association and the Vasarely Foundation find themselves today.

This letter is followed by an explicit request sent in January 2023 to our president by the president of the Vasarely Foundation.

We have acted on the specific requests made by the Vasarely Foundation and for this we regret to announce the dissolution of our association as of December 31, 2022.

The website of the friends of the Vasarely foundation IS doomed to disappear. On the other hand, the good news for all those who wish to continue the adventure of gathering and collecting the multiple aspects and facets of Art. We invite you to join us on the recently launched website: Amis des Arts Contemporains


Dear friends, dear Sylvie,

It is with some sadness that I send you this message.
Has your association been a real support and an invaluable help in the difficult days experienced by Pierre Vasarely some ten years ago? You were not for nothing in his determination to lead this difficult fight in favor of his grandparents.
But today, in these calmer times, your relationships have changed; The support association for Pierre and the Foundation has gradually slipped from an association of friends providing help and support, to a simple friendly association, to the point that you have deserted the Foundation and practice activities for your benefit, in taking advantage of the name of Victor Vasarely. A reversal of the situation in a way.
I don’t know if you have consulted the site of the associations of friends of museums, probably not or that you were not interested since you do not show any intention of modifying anything.
Under these conditions, it seems to me neither possible nor fair that you at least not change the name of your association.

Francoise Beck,
Member of the executive office and of the board of directors of the Vasarely Foundation.

Dear Sylvie, dear all & dear all,

I am following our last exchanges, emails as well as the consultation today of the site:
In accordance with our agreement, would it be possible for you to delete all links with the Vasarely Foundation (logo of the Friends association at the top left of your new site, the menu and all references to the old statutes, to images linked to monumental works and all references to the work of Victor Vasarely, and finally the address.
Thanks in advance and my renewed best wishes for this new year.

Pierre Vasarely,
President and founding member of the Vasarely Foundation


En 2023 nous devenons les Amis des Arts Contemporains