Hans Hartung & Anna-Eva Bergman

Conference by Agnès Ghenassia

Tuesday the 13th of December 2022 à 10:30 am at the 6MIC

German, he had chosen French nationality, she was Franco-Norwegian, they shared a tumultuous life made up of encounters and separations.
Their works are not alike but complement each other.
Beyond the simple qualifier of “gestural painting”, Hartung’s practice is made of constant innovations, indifferent to fashions. That of Bergman, silent and meditative, keeps the memory of the lights of the north of his native country.
A major exhibition was dedicated to Hans Hartung at the Museum of Modern Art in 2019, and in the spring of 2023 this same museum will exhibit Anna-Eva Bergman.
The Hartung-Bergman Foundation near Antibes allows today to see them reunited in the studio house they occupied for sixteen years.


The conference will be held at the 6MIC (Salle des Musiques Actuelles du Pays d’Aix), located at the entrance to the new Constance district in Aix-en-Provence, a few hundred meters from the Vasarely Foundation, at the level of the chemin des Aubépines.

Salle des Musiques Actuelles du Pays d’Aix

160, rue Pascal Duverger
13090 Aix-en-Provence